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6 June
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Ballet Blood

Hello. I'm sixteen, or I will be soon, and I live in Sweden but I wanna live in New York[&hearts],I possible wanna study psychology also but when I start our version of high school this fall, I will be specalizing in dance. I do ballet and jazz two times a week, Dance is the greatest passion in live. Few things are more beutiful then a Ballet, possible Eric Dane though. I love Grey's Anatomy, maybe not the way it is right now but I still love, it gave us Addison/Derek and have given me alot of friends. I'm most like Meredith, both in looks someway but as a person also. Addison is my favorite though and I have a stock of Addie quotes in my brain, Addie beats everybody so I also watch Private Practice and hoping for Addison/HotCop and then Addison/baby.

· I'm weird but awesome.
· I'm that friend that you can call at 2AM.
· My laptop is love and I would cry if I lost it.

I'm a Magazine freak, I have tons some trashy but also Vouge,Vanity Fair etc.and I can't live without music, I'm more addicted to it then GA and Prp. I mostly listen to Grey's music but my favorites are Kate Havnevik,Tegan and Sara and Imogen Heap. I watch Gossip Girl also, but I prefer the books but I love the clothes in the show, they are [&hearts]but when I read the books before I saw the show I liked Blair better but now I think Serena is so much better.
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